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About Us

If You Breath, You Move. 

If You Move, You are Already Dancing!

MDC opened in 2012 through the joint efforts of Director Anne Williams, MPT and Artistic Director, Philip S. Rosemond, because they sought to fill the void in the northern Shenandoah region that has suffered from a lack of dance education taught by trained and experienced professionals.
We are a recreational dance school, based in Rappahannock County, that specializes in teaching dance and movement as an educational curriculum. Such training requires the teacher to instill discipline and focus in a person, so that they learn to move in rhythm in time and through space with a sense of joy. As our motto states: “If you can breath, you can move. If you can move, you are already dancing.” According to this principle, all students who study with us will be referred to as “dancers” while in the studio.

Our mission is to train dance in a recreational format, but maintaining the current standard of training that is aligned with professionalism in dance today. Though, dance is a performing art form it is also a social one. We maintain a sense that, through discipline of training, dancing is fun. The interaction between teacher and student is important, so we will also focus upon the task at hand: learning to dance. Simply put: we want you and/or your family to learn as much as you can about dance as a process, discipline and practice but with a sense of joy and fun. We are not as concerned about absolute perfection as we are teaching students the foundation of positions, movements, forms, technique and artistry, so they may learn to release their bodies in space with facility and ease.  

Anne Williams, MPT, is the Director and owner of Mountainside PT and Lakeside Manual PT. She has a degree in Dance from Radford University, and a Masters in Physical Therapy.  She studied Dance throughout her teens and in college at Radford University.

Artistic Director, Philip S. Rosemond, was a full time professional dancer for 25+ years, with 8 ballet and 3 modern dance companies. He has been teaching since 1978. He has a Bachelors in dance education, performance, composition and direction, from the U of Cincinnati plus years of ongoing pedagogy with his mentors. He is a Certified Movement Analyst, is certified teach modern Dance, Lester Horton Technique(tm), yoga, floor work, therapeuptic & cross training methods. He is an elder care specializing in balance, fall prevention and falls training ("Fall with Grace"). He leads seminars and consults in aesthetics and dance, culture, fine art curating and objectives training & mindfulness for artists.

Kitty Keyser teaches Creative Dance & Movement for Children. She has been a Certified Waldorf Teacher for 18 yrs., & is an early childhood specialist, with 30 years of experience teaching movement and dance. She is a Virginia licensed daycare provider.



All teachers and staff are American Heart Association CPR certified.





Carmen Lopez Grayson, MA has three years of Fitness and Dance training from Brigham Young University Dance Department where she earned her Bachelors degree. She won the Balloon Silver Competition Award in 2005. She has been a Fitness and Wellness coach for 5 years. Carmen is a Nutrition Certified Coach, under Beachbody. She earned her MS degree from Clemson University Civil and Environmental Engineering Department.

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